Importing IPAM data via CSV.

Import a spreadsheet

The Lightmesh import wizard assists you in importing IP addresses, Subnets, Network Zones, Sites, Contacts and Customers from a spreadsheet by providing step-by-step guidance.

Note: Importation is restricted to files with .csv, .xls, or .xlsx extensions only.

Guidelines for importing Subnets

To import the IPAM data related to Subnet in your application, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings, choose Imports, click on New Import, provide a description for your import, and then submit.

  2. Select Subnets tab.

    • This page provides a link to a sample .xlsx file containing the eligible and accepted type of data for importing subnets.
  3. Select “Upload Sheet” and choose the spreadsheet you intend to import for Subnets.

  4. Align the column titles in the spreadsheet related to subnets with those employed by IPAM.

  5. After aligning the spreadsheet columns with the dropdown of Lightmesh-supported options for each column, proceed to “Upload Records” button on top right corner.

  6. Upon the successful importation of subnets with the selected data, the system will display all the imported information along with the corresponding batch number for this successful import session.

  7. To import a fresh batch of subnets, simply click the “New Batch” button and proceed with steps 3 to 5 again for the subsequent batch import of subnets.

  8. Navigate to Network > Subnets in the app to verify that all the imported subnet information is correctly in place.

Subnet Import

This GIF demonstrates the seamless process of importing subnets into LightMesh for efficient IP Address Management.