LightMesh CLI for Windows


The installation guide for Tidal LightMesh CLI on Microsoft Windows. Start a trial today.

Install LightMesh CLI for Windows

Configure API Token

  • To confirm that LightMesh CLI has been installed, and to verify the path open terminal and run where lightmesh. This will show the install path selected in the previous step
  • LightMesh CLI requires an API token. This token can be generated at
  • To create a new API key go to the above URL, click generate API key
  • Once a key has been created click show API key button and copy the key to the clipboard
  • Save this key as an environment variable by running the following command: setx LIGHTMESH_API_TOKEN “{key copied to clipboard}”
  • Close and re-open the terminal and to verify installation and token are set correctly type lightmesh into the terminal. The LightMesh CLI version should be shown, along with usage, topic, and command details